Why Should You Be Working with a Collection Agency?

In this content we are going to discuss ‘Why should you be working with a collection agency?’.There are several factors when it comes to further growing a business while maintaining stability. But one of these factors surely stand out when compared to the others; money. When a sale of yours does not return as a collection, or you cannot receive the amount you were promised, your cash-flow gets disrupted. As similar cases stack up which might lead to a greater disruption in stability in the long run . In a situation like this, you may consider legal action and initiate proceedings against the debtor party. But;

  1. Lawsuits take months and even years in some countries around the globe to be finalized.
  2. Even after that, there is no guarantee that you will receive the full amount.
  3. On top of it, you spend extra money for the lawsuit expenses, which might lead to losing more money than you have collected.

Bearing these in mind, what is your alternative? A Collection Agency! ARS Consultancy, in particular. Also ARS Consultancy established in 2011 by Ayse Burcu Arslan. This consultancy is the leading Debt Collection Agency in Turkey. It providing services in 3 main categories. ARS Consultancy assist you with your inquiries from Debt Collection in Turkey to Risk Management in Turkey. The categories are;

1. ARSinkaso – Collecting Debts in an Amicable Manner

As a debt collection agency, ARS Consultancy prioritizes solving debt cases. It does this while in the pre-law stage by amicable agreement. Our team of collection specialists are highly qualified in our collection agency . Also they are not only knowledgeable in finance, familiar with local customs and culture. But they also trained in negotiation & conflict resolution. Because our job should include careful wording and patience and experience.

We believe these qualities are of utmost importance when it comes to debt recovery. Before legal process, as a Debt Collection Agency, we do not only value recovering your unpaid amount. But also we value your relationship with your the debtor party. Because we want you to be able to work with your customer after the debt collection process. Also as a collection agency  we avoid harming the relationship between the two parties. This allows us to recover the debt more swiftly, as well as bettering your customer’s payment habits.Our service is providing you with better cash-flow!

No Recovery,No Fee!

We provide you with better & more efficient cash-flow by collecting your receivables in Turkey. We also make it possible for you to focus exclusively on your business. And you do not put extra effort into collecting your receivables.

Meanwhile we diligently do all of the above. Also we work on a commission basis. But we also do not want you to spend extra money for an already uncollected receivable. Hence, as a collection agency we work with a “No Recovery, No Fee” principle for all debt collection inquiries in Turkey! This means we demand our commission fee only after collecting the amount. It means upon the collected amount, on our pre-agreed commission rate. This secures you from spending extra money before collecting your receivables. Also this includes the one-time-only case expenses fee we charge at the very beginning of our agreement.

Collection Agency

2. ARSrisk – Reducing Risks Equals Good Cash-flow in the Long Run

We know trust is a major aspect when it comes to business, but we also believe information is just as much valuable, if not more. As ARS Consultancy, we recognize that the best way to ensure a healthy cash-flow is doing research prior to partnerships. Thus, we offer detailed reports on Turkish companies & Turkish individuals for your consideration; making sure you are well informed with up-to-date information regarding the person and/or company you are planning to initiate a venture with. Several of our Risk Management services in Turkey could be sorted as;

• Identification and Statuary Information
• Organizational Structure and History
• Capital and Shareholder Structure
• Family Tree and Affiliates, Branches and Operations
• Chamber of Commerce Check
• Tax information (if available)

In short, all the essential information you have to know about a company to make sure you will have a healthy business relationship with them; and we have access to all both because we are local and because of our credibility, being the First Debt Collection Agency in Turkey. But that is not all; we also provide Site Visits, Media Checks, Asset Checks, even Reputation Checks both for companies and individuals! Providing you with reports that could only be prepared by local professionals who are familiar with Turkey’s economical & social landscapes as native Turkish speakers.

3. ARSlegal Collection Agency with You Throughout the Legal Process

Even though our priority is to solve each case in an amicable manner while in pre-legal stage as a Debt Collection Agency, we are also experienced enough to know some cases require legal action despite our 78% success rate in the pre-legal collection stage. Hence, as ARS Consultancy, we continue to aid you throughout the legal process, if you are willing to initiate one.

To help you decide whether or not you should go through with legal proceedings, considering the reasons mentioned in the beginning of our article and the various requirements in different countries, we prepare a report on everything you should know before going legal. After receiving your report, if you are still willing, we contact one of our credible legal solution partners to ensure your case is in safe hands.

While doing all these, we still want to secure your cash-flow. Hence, we provide you with a new offer for all legal proceedings, which includes all possible expenses, so you will not have to spend an extra penny even if your lawsuit takes years to conclude.

Collection Agency

A Collection Agency is Leading in Turkey and All Around the Globe

As the leading Debt Collection Agency in Turkey, ARS Consultancy not only provides the services mentioned above, but also stands out as one of the pioneering companies in the Debt Collection sector as the Turkish partner of GCS Group and official memberships at ACA International, IACC, FENCA, TCM (agent), CSA-UK and ALQ (American Lawyers Quarterly).

In addition, we, as ARS Consultancy, do provide our mentioned services all around the globe with both pre-legal and legal solution partners in 155 countries and over 4.000 professional agents. Our partners are here to make sure your case is being worked on with best communication, knowledge and familiarity to different local customs & financial landscapes.

So click the “Get Offer” tab on our website, e-mail us at info@arsconsultancy.com or call us at +90 212 296 91 47. We are one call away from improving your cash-flow!

Onur Saatçıoğlu |International Collection and Risk Managment Jr. Specialist