Tips For You When Your Turkish Customers Delay Payments

 In this article, we will provide you with tips when your Turkish customers delay payments. Non-payment for your product or service affects the normal functioning of your company. In addition, if you are inexperienced and lack of knowledge in collecting your receivables, things get more difficult. There may be a lack of personnel specially trained for this situation. Because of this, the problem increases and even becomes uncontrollable.

The ARS Consultancy is working effectively.We simplify all the complexity for your debt collection process. After interviewing the creditor, a form is filled out with all the necessary information and work proceeds. What should be the best way to collect the debts from your Turkish customers delay payments?

Your Turkish Customers Delay Payments

The First Contact is Everything

In that first call, the debt collection specialist puts everything he/she knows into practice. The work consists of identifying the Turkish debtor’s profile and his ability to pay the debt and the time it may takes. Although it seems incredible,the most important moment and the most complex is the first call with the Turkish debtors. Because of that the first contact is everything.

At this point it is important to know the reasons why the customer has not paid. ARS Consultancy has of experience in debt collection Turkey based on years. Our Consultancy has encountered a lot of diverse profiles and unexpected situations. For these reasons we can present for you different alternatives. Thus we can  establish a payment plan and, finally, debt recovery. So, this alternatives tips for you when your Turkish customers delay payments.

Anticipation is an Important Key

ARS Consulting considers the above-mentioned importance in this first meeting. In addition, it immediately organizes a possible meeting with the Turkish debtor without wasting time. In the context of today’s world, there have been challenges brought by pandemics and mass isolation. As a result, we started to organize online meetings. In fact, this situation it speeds the time up and allows us better to organize a negotiation strategy with your clients in Turkey. So we anticipate their payment capacity which would lead to a successful debt recovery.

Your Turkish Customers Delay Payments

Cover the Details in Advance and Enclose All Flanks

A debt recovery strategy is composed of the following;

  • Knowing the debtor’s characteristics,
  • Being aware of all case details and history,
  • Understanding the real reasons the reason of non-payment
  • Estimating the potential claims of debtor and being prepared for all.

It is here we come up with a payment plan when your Turkish customers delay payments. We meet all the needs of the debtor by prioritizing the creditor’s rights and demands. Finding a balance here is crucial. We ensure that the normal functioning of our customers is not damaged. Besides, we wish them to fill the gap in their cash flows as soon as possible. Therefore, finally, a payment schedule needs to be established for the borrower. This plan should cover both the capacity to pay and the contingency to avoid another default.

Monitoring, Strict Control

Once the payment plan has been established with the Turkish debtors, the dates, times and all the general conditions are established. A strict control of the payment is made to avoid any unforeseen using all possible channels: emails, phone calls, chats, among others. Thus, the debtor is committed to fulfill his obligations without any delay and the creditor is not affected by his business.

Both phone calls and a follow-up email, will create a sense of responsibility in your Turkish customers and will give you an opportunity for the right planning during the debt collection process.

Your Turkish Customers Delay Payments

Leave it to the Experts and Get Help from ARS Consultancy

Default episodes are unfortunately becoming more frequent. Thanks to ARS Consulting, you will not be affected by them. Also you will immediately forget that you experienced them.

If there is an international debt,you should do the first and best step. This step is taking a help from professional debt collection agency. As ARS Consultancy, we have been leading the debt collection market in Turkey since 2011. Also we have always aimed at creating an awareness regarding the advantages of working with a collection agency before legal action. We have a considerable amount of experience in international debt collection files. So we solved thousands of cases with an amicable solution. Our success rate of %78 in debt recovery is just one part of the explanation.

Above all, ARS Consultancy offers pre-legal debt collection services in Turkey. It services with ‘No Recovery No Fee’. This mean is  without asking any fees in advance or surprise costs. Our foreign clients only pay the commission after we recover money from their Turkish debtors. Please contact us when your Turkish customers delay payments by phone +90 212 296 9147. Also you can write email in order to get a commission quote. Our office is located in Istanbul. So we are always ready to provide a free consultation.

Jose Luis Alberto Delgado

Collection and Risk Managment Jr. Specialist | ARS Consultancy