Recover Your Debts

It is possible to recover your debts regardless of their values via ARS Consultancy. Because ARS Consultancy values each case, large or small.

Our proactive approach is one of the reasons behind our 78% successful recovery rate for pre-legal debt collection. It is this case by case analysis and attention to detail that produce solution and enable us to deliver the widest variety of ‘credit and risk management’ options available in Turkey.

Successful recovery rates of debts under six months are significantly higher. These statistics illustrate the importance of fast action.  Upon your approval, action begins within 48 hours. Our skill at mediation and conflict resolution allows us to find the best solution in each unique debt collection case.

Our clients know that we are motivated and share their desire for a successful and amicable recovery. Our pre-legal debt collection program fees are contingency based and we take all the risk…so you don’t have to…

The longer you leave a debt, the tougher it is to collect. So please call us +90 212 296 91 47  or send an email [email protected]