Process for Uncollected Receivables in Turkey

In every business, it is very important to process for uncollected receivables in Turkey . The importance of this is not only because these receivables belong to you. More importantly, this is very important as it is a real reward for our work and effort. More over, late payments, and unpaid outstanding balances will be highly costly for your business. This has long-term and harmful consequences.

Unfortunately, unpaid debts represent additional costs and time wasting. Both individuals and companies have to send invoice repeatedly. In doing so, they have to run their business. Also the creditors has no clue about when and how the payment will take place.

Process for Uncollected Receivables

What is the Advantage of Letting Experts Get Involved?

Given the fact that you have been making business, you have known your client. But probably you have not the expertise when it comes to deal with a debtor. This is the moment that you must consult to the expert ones to process for uncollected receivables in Turkey.

You can get in touch with an international debt collection agency in Turkey. So all this information and knowledge becomes in the most important tools for you. When you reach to this point, everything becomes simpler in terms of time and working.

At ARS Consultancy, the debt collection experts study deeply about the debtor’s profile. They start to negotiate the process for uncollected receivables. The process can take different amount of time. Because the adopted strategy will be different. But adopted strategy is definitely more suitable for your company. After this, you are only focus on your job and your business and no more in other issues.

Tailor-Made Approach is the Key

The consultants at ARS Consulting have to update the case or confirm the information. For this, they will contact you regularly by phone or e-mail. During this process the consultants will inform about what they learnt from the debtor. Also they –if necessary- propose to you a payment plan, according to your and debtor situation. This is a critical point that not all Creditors outside Turkey can deal with.

Meanly because if you are in Europe, the US, Russia or any other country it is difficult to know about the current condition of the debtor, there might be some asymmetric information or lack of communication. But, if you have a debt collection agency in Istanbul they will cover all your misinformation and all your doubts, so you will be able to take the best decision. And more, you will recover your receivables before legal action.

Finally, the debt collection agency in Turkey solves the debt case at a pre-legal process. This avoid to goes on long, bureaucratic and costly process. The most important, NO recovery – NO fee. This means that you as a Creditor will only pay for the services only until you recover your debts.

ARS Consultancy is just one phone call away to provide you the assistance you need. Call us now +90 212 296 9147 to get a free consultation. We are here to process for uncollected receivables in Turkey and ready to offer best commission offers for our prelegal debt recovery.

 Alberto Delgado

Collection and Risk Managment Jr. Specialist