Corporate Trainings

ARS Consultancy offers specialized debt collection corporate trainings for your accounting and finance staff. Because, debt collection is only a part of effective credit risk management. Above all, ideally, properly trained specialists should minimize the number of problematic accounts through a proactive, solution based, management approach.

This is precisely the type of training we offer. First of all, we share the knowledge of our years of experience, international expertise, and specialized training in debt collection. After that, we instruct your staff in the most productive methods and can equip them with the latest tools and technology for debt recovery.

Therefore, our customer tailored debt collection trainings are composed of 4 main topics and each of them is a one full day training program. In order to benefit our trainings, the optimum way we advise our client to take all of them max within 2 months. These topics:

  • Debt Collection Culture and Effective Collection Strategies
  • Strong Communication and Persuasion Skills in Debt Collection
  • Debt Collection Chain and Organizational Perspective Starting from Sales
  • Stress Management Techniques in Dealing with Difficult Debtors

Additionally, effective, debt collection must be practiced responsibly. For instance, in many countries, laws exist to ensure debt collection practices are fair and do not harass the debtor. Also, agencies and individuals generally must have debt collection training to learn and understand their legal restrictions and how to protect the privacy of debtors.

However, ongoing training may also be needed as the collection laws change. In conclusion, please contact us to find out how ARS Consultancy can help your business with debt collection training both in Turkey and in other 155 countries worldwide.

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