NO Recovery NO Fee

We Are Confident in Our Abilities and Debt Collection fees; NO RECOVERY NO FEE

ARS Consultancy is a debt collection firm that it has “no recovery no fee” principle and provides excellent debt collection service fees for its clients.

Ars Consultancy pre-legal debt collection program fees are contingency based. In other words; “No Recovery NO Fee”. Above all, we work hard for your business and our %78 recovery success rate demonstrates this. Also we are confident in our abilities and the excellent services we deliver.

NO Recovery NO Fee principle, allows us to evaluate the needs of our client and offer services tailored to meet specific requirements. Our ‘Percentage Only’ service allows instruction with no initial cost risk. All clients of ARS Consultancy know that we are motivated and share their desire for a successful and amicable recovery. We take all the risk…so you don’t have to.

Debt Collection Service Fees

Example Case; If we agree on a commission with %20 for debt claim of 20.000 EUR, then our service fee which becomes payable will be as following;

If debtor pays 10.000 EUR, our service fee will be %20 of recovered amount which is 2.000 EUR

If debtor pays 1.000 EUR, our service fee will be %20 of recovered amount which is 200 EUR

This simply means that if we cannot collect your debt in Turkey, we will not charge you (no hidden costs or membership fee or retainer fee or subscription fee or up-front fees to pay). Our no charge if unsuccessful guarantee simply puts you in a win, win – no risk situation in our international debt collection services.

For each debt collection case, our commission rates differ for pre-legal debt collection services. Mainly the following criteria play role in order to share our commission offer with our clients: Debt Amount, Date of Debt, Country/City of Debtor, Pre-ARS process and Claim Status (disputed or not?).

The longer you leave a debt, the tougher it is to collect. So please call us +90 212 296 91 47  or send an email