ARS Consultancy is a leading debt collection agency in Turkey. As ARS Consultancy, we provide ‘Amicable Recovery Solutions’ for business debt collection services in all 81 cities of Turkey. Corum is among those cities which we provide debt recovery.

Being located in south part of Turkey, Corum is one of the most important cities which has an agriculture-oriented industry. So far, the debt collection cases we have handled in Corum mainly consists of the following sectors: jewel and machine parts.

The information gathered from Turkish Exporters Assembly suggests that, exporter and importer companies of Corum are internationally trading with countries in Europe . In 2019, Corum’s exports to return in Turkey averaged 422.000 USD.

If a company from Corum delays the payment of an outstanding invoice to a foreign company, help is available from ARS Consultancy as the pioneer and leading debt collection agency in Turkey.

Why Should You Work with ARS Consultancy for Debt Collection in Corum?

Attorneys in Turkey can also assist to collect the debts by taking legal action however; it takes between 1-5 years. Plus, legal fees are more than %15-20 of the principal debt amount without a guarantee to win. That’s why we, as ARS Consultancy prioritize to collect your debts in Corum before legal action with contingency fee.

Our commission rates are agreed on CASE-BY-CASE basis. To start with, we would like to know the following for a single case in Corum;

  • Supporting documents? (What are these and all available OR/ can be provided upon request?)
  • Date of debt? (What is the invoice date and when was the last payment made by debtor until today?)
  • Amount of debt? (The remaining balance and total due amount)
  • Pre-ARS process? ( has there been another collection agency/lawyer attempted to contact with debtor until today, if yes the results?)
  • Any known disputes? ( has debtor ever raised any rejection of debt or dispute?)

The debt recovery capacity of ARS Consultancy in Corum is considerably high. With an average of % 70 success rate, the debt claims we have in Corum are solved at pre-legal stage of our debt collection process. Depending on the documents which are proof of debt (i.e. invoice, customs declaration, and contract) the timespan of our pre legal debt recovery might be shortened to 2-4 months.

Our collection team is paying also attention not to damage your business relations with the debtor located in Corum. Who knows, maybe you will be working again with your customer in Corum, after we collect your debts from the debtor.

Based on our experiences for many years, we have witnessed to that. Our agents are trained in negotiation, conflict resolution, and other persuasion techniques in addition to their financial knowledge, familiarity with local customs and culture. We do not let cases go easily and make sure all pre legal settlement offers are exhausted before advising legal action.

If you need an answer to the following questions, please contact us:

  • My customer from Corum does not pay the invoices. What shall I do?
  • Is there a local lawyer located in Corum to collect my debts?
  • Is there a debt collection agency in Turkey to collect my receivables in Corum?
  • How can I recover my debts from a company in Corum in faster way?

For your reassurance, we offer a simple and straightforward ‘NO Recovery NO Fee’ guarantee. The longer you leave a debt, the tougher it is to collect. So please call us +90 212 296 91 47 or send an email