Debt Collection Companies Are Mostly Confused With What?

In Turkey debt collection agencies  provide their services directly to their client. Also they take every determinant action on cases the client’s confirmation.When both sides sign an agreement, they need also a power of attorney .Also both sides need debt collection agency according to debt.

debt collection

Debt Collection Agencies Are Not ‘Law Firms’

Receivables management in Turkey; sector is expanding day by day. In the world, this sector is called Inkasso. Inkasso companies (Debt Collection Agencies in Turkey) ensure that the problems between the creditor and the debtor. Also Inkasso companies  solve problems without going through the court process.

The main focus of the moneycollection agencies in Turkey is to continue the follow-up.  Also they organize  collection of the process by compromise before the legal process.In this way, they aim to eliminate the loss of time.

Also Inkasso companies be careful about financial burdens.Because in case the companies may face financial burdens in the legal actions.Law firms prefer to enforce debt cases in court. But debt collection agencies believe that they collect debt in prelegal stage. Same here in Turkey many cases they already solved with successfully in prelegal.

debt collection

Functioning in the Collection Process

The working principle of debt collection agency is to move their customers to the optimum point they can reach by compromising their receivables.

In addition to the systematic and regular follow-up of receivables by expert consultants, if there is no result in this process, joint work is carried out with the law offices and lawyers with whom the business partnership is carried out, and services are provided in the direction of progress through litigation, which is the last option in the collection of receivables.

However, the first step that companies with receivables should take in order to correct their budget balances, increase their profitability and prevent customer loss should be working with a Receivable Management Company specialized in its field.

As ARS Consultancy our main mission is representing Inkasso sector especially in Turkey, by being the Turkish partner of GCS Group and official member of ACA International, IACC, FENCA, TCM (agent), CSA-UK and ALQ (American Lawyers Quarterly) and make companies raise their profitability by collecting debts in Turkey.

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Emre Çöl
Director of Foreign Affairs | ARS Consultancy